The 5 Best Ways to Build Customer Trust and Connection in a Pandemic

Posted May 15, 2020

We know customers make buying decisions based on emotion and human interaction. The need for social distance, face masks, and the shunning of the good ol' fashioned handshake has caused many businesses to reinvent what it means to connect with their customers. Here are a few ways you can earn customer trust during this unique time in your business.

1. Social Media

Social media remains a go-to for those wanting a "Where Are They Now" peek at a lost romance, previous coworker, or long-lost friend. The same methods are used when someone is looking to work with a small business. Potential customers might check out your Facebook page or other social media sites. They could look at the groups you follow, the things you say, and the most prominent item on your page, the photos.

When updating your page, keep posts light and business-related. Show the personality of your team and that you work hard but have some fun too. Post glowing customer reviews or videos of the team working and explaining what is happening in the job. Allow them to get to know you here, online, in ways they can't achieve in just one meeting from 6 feet away.

2. Photographs and Drawings

When working in a small space, it can be hard to talk through the project with your customer. With the current health recommendations, some customers might be uncomfortable in close quarters. Taking photographs of notable areas and sketching a drawing of your suggestions is a great way to reduce the time spent non-socially distanced while still ensuring the customer has a good understanding of the project's full scope. It also allows you to communicate those same details more quickly to your installation crew.

3. Text Messages and Emails

Many of your customers are juggling work at home, along with kids who are remote learning and a zillion other daily distractions. This can make it difficult to catch an audience with your customers via a telephone call. If you haven't tried texting yet, this is the time! Send appointment confirmations, photos, and information about the person coming to their home. Text messages are almost as personal as a phone call but with the added benefit of time. A phone call requires more focus on the conversation. A text allows the person to multitask, receiving the information, and responding while juggling other things.

4. Personalization

We have all been on the receiving end of those "Dear Valued Customer" emails. It doesn't inspire trust, and if we are honest, it makes customers feel anything but valued. Studies show that merely inserting a customer's name into your email communication can significantly increase their emotional connection and directly impact sales. While some small businesses may do this manually, most marketing or CRM software systems allow templated personalization that will automatically populate in the customer's name, property address, and other information that is unique to that person or job.

5. Transparency

Without flashing that genuine smile and giving a firm handshake, we are left with only the content of our words and actions to inspire trust and emotional connection. The lack of information discussed in person or included in a proposal can result in a lack of confidence. There are a few ways to show your customer you have taken careful consideration to assess the job or that you have put thought into your recommendations and approach. Try explaining the step-by-step process, the products you will use, and even discussing why you chose one method or product over another. The transparency and extra thought give your customers comfort and allow them to trust you more.

There is an old saying, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." Don't stand by and do business as usual when the world is distinctly unusual right now. Start with small changes to increase the connection with your customers and learn to dance in the rain.

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