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Get the Most From Your Automated Emails

Sending follow-up emails to potential customers after bidding a project demonstrates professionalism, helps build trust and rapport, keeps your business in mind, and can ultimately lead to increased conversions.

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3 Ways to Update Your Line Item Price During Bid Creation

Did you know you can update the price of your line items in 3 different ways? Learn more about the flexible pricing options that give you full control to ensure your bids are the most competitive without having to grab a calculator.

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Get Going Faster With Setup Wizard

Changing to a new technology that runs your entire business can be overwhelming. With Contractor Accelerator's new Setup Wizard, you can implement the system in as little as 30 minutes!

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Bookmark Contractor Accelerator for Faster Mobile Access

With Contractor Accelerator being a cloud-based system, you can access it from any device with an internet connection via any browser. There is no need to download an app to use the system, but you can add an icon bookmark to your phone or tablet's home screen for faster login access.

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Create and Manage Your Bids Even Faster With These Shortcuts

You may have noticed a bit of a facelift to the bid recently. All the functionality is still there; we just updated a few icons and moved some buttons up for easier access. With this new look, we also added a few things you have been asking for to help you create your bids even faster.

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