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Contractor Accelerator was built with tools that offer the best results for your specific industry and your company's unique needs. Our goal is to ensure every aspect of your business is as streamlined and automated as possible without losing the personal touch your customers require. With our all-in-one software, you can create custom bids for your fencing, staining, and deck work in just minutes. Sketch new or existing fence lines and gates with ease and add elements usually found within residential yards, such as air conditioners, vegetation, patios, pools, decks, utility boxes, and more. Give homeowners a clear idea of your capabilities as a fence company.

Professional Estimates

Win Jobs in the First Meeting

No more struggling to create bids late at night without the right quote estimates or enough information. Save your valuable time with our bid creation application, specifically developed for contractors, that can produce a robust and professional bid in just a few quick clicks. Project management for your fencing company can be a piece of cake from the get-go with a more organized and professional bid.

Professional bids overview

Customized Drawings

Create a Job Sketch Faster Using Industry-Specific Elements

CAD designs take too much time and sketching with pen and paper doesn't give the most professional first impression. Our industry-specific drawing app makes customer-ready 2D digital sketches in just minutes while you're at the job site with the homeowners. Quickly create sketches with built-in elements to draw a new fence, existing fence, gates, trees, utilities, landscaping features, and more in a short amount of time.

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Don't Take Our Word for It, Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“FenceKeeper partnered with Contractor Accelerator just a few short months ago. Our proposals are detailed and very professional for our clients. The features to track new leads all the way to closing the sale, scheduling our crews, invoicing, and GETTING PAID is now under our control. Thanks for the benefits that have streamlined our process.”

- Melinda Reed, FenceKeeper

“The biggest win for us is how fast we can create such a professional-looking bid. It puts us in a whole other ballpark from where we were and really helps us stand out against the competition.”

- Mike Stanley, Armor Fence

“Having Contractor Accelerator has allowed me to focus on revenue-generating activities; a gift to any small business owner! Their platform mirrors how we strive to do our work; clean and elegant. Worth the money!”

- Jake Scallorn, JLS Craftsmen

Flexible Scheduling

Convenient Routes and Automated Customer Communication

The integrated Google Maps and Google Calendar show daily appointments, routes, directions, and street view images, making job scheduling easier and routes more efficient. Update schedules in real-time and prepare for a more efficient workflow with better control over your appointments and job sites.

Schedule smarter overview

Customer Management

The Best CRM Software for Contractors

Customer management systems can get complicated, with too many line items that end up getting skipped. The best way to store and access customer information is with our easy-to-use mobile Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Our accessible and integrated methods allow you to keep sketches, photographs, job details, permits, estimates, notes, and contact information in one centralized place.

Customer management overview

Example of a Client Who Found Success With Contractor Accelerator

Armor Fence Cut Bid Creation Time in Half and is Winning More Jobs

Armor Fence had been creating fence, deck, and patio proposals with an established process for nearly 20 years. The process included a complex excel document with pricing formulas and text for the team to copy and paste where needed. While the process worked, it was time-consuming, and the finished product was not as professional as they would have liked. Contractor Accelerator allowed the company to make their current process more efficient with effective technology without completely changing the way they do business.


  • More professional presentation
  • 47% win rate
  • Closed 56% more jobs than the prior year
  • Bid creation time cut in half

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