Analyze Reports

Automatic Data Tracking to Help Make More Informed Decisions

Review sales performance, marketing investment, close rates, product sales, and other business reports that can help you make more informed decisions.

Marketing Returns and Conversions

Track Real Returns on Your Marketing Efforts

With customized dropdown options, never forget to ask customers where they heard about your business. A quick click, and the system does the rest. Track detailed sources such as digital ads in Google and Bing, print ads for a mailer or door hangers, and social media ads in Facebook or LinkedIn.

Marketing returns conversions

Revenue and Sales Performance

Know Where You Have Been and Where You Are Going

Check out how your team is doing, plan for seasonal peaks and dips, track market trends, and forecast upcoming business growth with performance reports. You can set achievable goals based on historical data and see how your business is affected by internal or external factors.

Revenue sales performance

Static and Customized Reports

Anything You Put in, We Can Report on It for You

Contractor Accelerator tracks a lot of data points. So many that we can't list them all here on our site. We have some static reports ready for you to run on your own in the system but if there is ever something you don't see within the system, just let us know by contacting support. We are happy to create a custom report for you.

Static customized reports