Features For Every Step
of Your Daily Workflow

Bids / Estimates

Quickly create professional bids from anywhere.

  • Create professional electronic bids and scope of work documents
  • Access fillable bid forms specific to your industry and products
  • Send bids to customers in minutes, before you leave the property
  • Make scope changes or easily copy a bid for quick job changes
  • See bids by status to track progress throughout the process

Drawings / Visuals

Create and attach visuals with tools built for your industry.

  • Web-based for versatility in the office or on-site
  • Industry-specific drawing tools for quick creation
  • Additional basic tools and labels to customize drawings
  • Intuitive interface for easy creation in the field
  • Precise placement-snapping connects elements for increased accuracy
  • Professional PDF includes contact information and legend
  • Quickly attach to a bid for a concise final deliverable
  • Add brochures to provide more detailed product visuals

Scheduling / Reminders

Schedule convenient routes and communicate with customers.

  • View pinpointed appointment locations on an integrated map
  • Manage team members' calendars
  • Make appointments based on schedule, routes, and time off
  • See a team-wide weekly view as well as individual schedules
  • Automatically send templated and professional text or email reminders
  • Integrate with Google Calendars for automated synchronization

Electronic Signatures / Contracts

Create job-specific contracts with e-signatures.

  • Customers can review and sign contracts from anywhere on a mobile device
  • Use only job-specific terms and conditions for more concise contracts
  • Save money on paper, reduce waste, and promote sustainability
  • Digital files mean the information is always at your fingertips
  • Remove the need to make multiple trips to a property to drop or pick up paperwork
  • Create a reputation of trust, professionalism, and being easy to work with

Project Status / Invoicing

Get real-time visibility into your business from anywhere.

  • Quickly view all bids by status and track progress company-wide
  • Easily access next steps and ownership of outstanding tasks
  • Access organized views of outstanding, awarded, and completed bids
  • Integrate with QuickBooks for accurate payment status on the go

Customer Management (CRM) / History

Organized customer information is always available.

  • Cloud-based system allows for access on the go from a phone, tablet, or computer
  • Search function gets you the information you need quickly
  • Filters provide organization and unique viewing capabilities
  • Keep organized when customers have multiple properties and projects
  • Reference historic data by customer, property or project

Reporting / Metrics

Get visibility and feel confident making decisions.

  • Track company-wide and individual sales, close rates, and other KPIs
  • View comprehensive project data for average conversions, pricing, and timing
  • Access sales team performance to make informed staffing decisions
  • Review product sales numbers to plan for materials and inventory
  • Make better marketing decisions based on lead source and cost per lead data

Do More Than Just Keep Up