3 Ways to Update Your Line Item Price During Bid Creation

Posted Mar 19, 2023
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Did you know you can update the price of your line items in 3 different ways? Learn more about the flexible pricing options that give you full control to ensure your bids are the most competitive without having to grab a calculator.

You can now override the unit price of a product and/or add an overall adjustment to the line item. This new option makes it easier to update the unit price or adjust the line item total as needed with a dollar amount or percentage increase or decrease. We have outlined the flexible pricing options this update provides below so you can share them with your team.

1. Unit Price
This field allows you to change the price you charge for each unit of the product. The system will multiply the unit price times the quantity to give you a line item total.

2. Line Item Adjustment
This field allows you to adjust the total price of the line item after the Unit price has been multiplied by the quantity. The system adds or subtracts the amount/percent from your total for this line item.

In the example below, the Unit Price has been updated from $640 each to $650 each. That amount is multiplied by the quantity of 2 ($650x2 = $1,300). The user has also added a Line Item Adjustment of $200, bringing the new total to $1,500 (($650 each x 2 units) + $200 = $1,500

Price Override

3. Override Line Item Price
We understand many of you liked the previous option to override the line item total with the amount you wanted to show on the bid. New pricing options that include materials and other costs to create line items required a change to this functionality. However, if you would still like to key your total price, override the unit price to $0.00 and input the amount you wish to charge in the Line Item Adjustment field.

In the example below, the standard price is $100 per foot, and this bid was for 100 feet. The total for 100 feet of fence is $10,000. If you wanted the price to be $11,000 instead, you could add a $1,000 line item adjustment to increase the price. Alternatively, you could set the Unit Price to $0.00 and add the #11,000 as the Line Item adjustment instead. Both methods will result in $11,000 for 100 feet of fence.

Price Override