Case Studies

Carolina Foundation Solutions Saves 60+ Hours per Week!



Carolina Foundation Solutions, a large residential, commercial, and industrial foundation repair company, switched to Contractor Accelerator to streamline processes, save time, keep organized, and gain visibility into the business, allowing the company to continue its rapid growth. The company saved 15 hours a week per salesperson, removed the need for multiple systems, and gained visibility into every project.

“It is night and day how much easier it is. Everything is all in one place, and the customers love the way it looks. It's easy for them to sign electronically too.”

- Kristine Harris, Technology and System Coordinator


The Carolina Foundation Solutions team used to spend hours creating proposals, often at the end of a long day in the field. They loaded job photos into Dropbox and updated a color-coded Google Sheet to track customers and add project notes. With each new lead, the team had to reference several systems to understand the work required and prepare for the job. As jobs moved through the pipeline, the team had no place to report job progress or review overall business trends. They tested a few CRM technologies but found them cumbersome and lacking industry-specific features.


The team switched to Contractor Accelerator and quickly started adding customers to the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to store notes, job documents, and photos in a centralized location. They also took advantage of the customizable service templates to create robust professional proposals quickly and easily. The foundation company set up the integrated calendar that provides access to every project detail without switching systems.


The new process cut bid creation time by more than 60% while removing the need for Dropbox and Google Sheets. Customer information, job documents, photos, and notes are now easily accessible in a comprehensive all-in-one system. With Contractor Accelerator, management can see progress on every job and pull reports without manually tracking data. This automated tracking allows leadership to understand business trends better, hold their teams accountable to goals, make more informed decisions about where they spend their marketing dollars, and allowed them to keep up with their rapid growth.