Case Studies

Epp Foundation Repair Goes Paperless and Hits $10 Million in Revenue


Epp Logo Case Study

Epp Foundation Repair is a family-run business located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and specializes in foundation repair, waterproofing, and new construction for residential and commercial markets, servicing all of Nebraska and select cities in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. They promise unparalleled customer satisfaction with attentive customer service, quality materials, and proven repair methods for residential and commercial structures.

“We grew from $1 million to a $10 million company in just five years. We would not be this successful or been able to keep up without integrating Contractor Accelerator.”

- Dave Epp, President


In 2017, Epp Foundation Repair was a fast-growing business with just one very busy salesperson. At evaluation appointments, he made sketches and took notes with pen and paper. He then transferred the information to create an estimate in Microsoft Word and added the essential data into an Excel file for reporting. The process was cumbersome, and the risk of mistakes or misplaced information became more concerning as the company grew. There was no way to know if and when bids were delivered to customers; handwritten papers were occasionally lost, and customer lists, job details, and other data was not secure nor centralized, making accurate reporting nearly impossible. "You can't win the job if you never sent the bid. We were leaving over $1.5 million a year on the table because I didn't have a trackable system to hold my salespeople accountable," said Dave Epp, President of Epp Foundation Repair. The company needed a more efficient system to deliver professional bids while allowing for better tracking, visibility, and increased security.


The team researched several technology applications and chose to implement Contractor Accelerator as their customer management and bid delivery system. They were able to create bids and drawings, organize schedules and customer information, and send contracts, invoices, and warranties all from one software. They customized the system to fit their growing business and continued to streamline processes as they grew. They transferred boxes of old paper files into the system to save office space, increase secure accessibility and remove the risk of loss in an unforeseen disaster.


Now, a $10 million operation, Epp Foundation Repair has continued expanding its use of the Contractor Accelerator application. Their entire process, from the first customer phone call through the final warranty packet, is now fully paperless within one system of record. This means they train new staff on one system and can quickly grant or revoke access to job and customer information when staff changes. The efficiency created by the software allows the sales team to deliver 25% more bids per salesperson without adding extra hours. Leadership can see exactly what is being created, calculated, discounted, and sent. The additional visibility created more accurate bids and increased the percentage of bids sent to the customer to 92%.