Case Studies

JLS Craftsmen Leverages Contractor Accelerator to Support Business Growth and Operational Efficiency


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JLS Craftsmen specializes in building fences and decks with quality workmanship in the Kansas City Metro and Lawrence, Kansas, areas. The company had humble beginnings in assisting a few neighbors in repurposing the materials from their old fences and decks, transforming them into beautiful, sturdy structures. The company quickly gained recognition as word spread about its impressive craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Their expertise and customer experience-centered approach led them to be featured on regional "Best of" lists and earned the admiration of organizations like Lowes Home Team for their valuable contributions to the community. Despite experiencing significant growth, JLS Craftsmen remains steadfast in their commitment to integrity, quality, and value. They continue to prioritize a personalized approach, working closely with customers to bring their unique visions to life.

“We do three times the revenue now than before we started using it, and we have not worked a single Saturday or added any additional office staff other than a salesperson! A combination of an aesthetically pleasing appearance and understated professionalism will tip the scales in our favor almost every time. This system delivers that better than any I have seen.”

- Jacob Scallorn, Owner


Similar to many small businesses, JLS Craftsmen faced the challenge of managing multiple aspects of their operations using spreadsheets and notebooks. The owner had to juggle responsibilities such as hiring, training, sales, customer management, scheduling, installation, billing, and more. While the company received excellent customer reviews, the behind-the-scenes operations were becoming increasingly challenging to stay organized and maintain the high level of service they were known for. Recognizing the potential risks of delays, miscommunications, and reduced productivity associated with their manual and time-consuming project management process, JLS Craftsmen proactively sought a software solution to streamline their workflow and enhance efficiency.


JLS Craftsmen embraced Contractor Accelerator, seamlessly integrating their existing workflow into the system. They were able to take advantage of the project management features, which allowed them to effectively manage schedules, document customer interactions, and stay updated on project progress in real-time. By eliminating manual processes, they significantly reduced the chances of errors, resulting in improved overall efficiency. The inclusion of Contractor Accelerator's proposal and estimation tools empowered the team to quickly create professional, accurate, and comprehensive drawings and bids for their customers. This time-saving solution created a more professional, organized, and customer-focused experience for prospective clients.


The polished project proposals and streamlined processes helped JLS Craftsmen establish a more professional image and gave the team more confidence when bidding against their well-known competitors. This also led to increased trust from clients and served as validation for the outstanding customer reviews they had already received. Even during slower months, the software's efficient organization and enhanced visibility played a pivotal role in reconnecting with potential clients, enabling them to submit updated bids and win jobs that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks. With the improved efficiencies, the JLS Craftsmen team effectively managed more than 300% growth without resorting to working late hours or hiring additional staff while continuing to deliver timely and exceptional service to their valued customers.