Case Studies

Ram Jack Texas Saw 24% Growth Without Sacrificing Time or Hiring Staff


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Ram Jack is a recognized leader in the foundation repair industry and the designer of the Ram Jack System. The company manufactures and distributes to certified Ram Jack dealers and installers across North America. The corporate-owned Dallas Fort Worth location has been repairing and supporting commercial, historical, and government buildings, sea walls, family homes, and other structures for over 40 years and serves as a flagship example for other Ram Jack locations.

“The guys used to hand draw, write up costs on an estimate sheet, then put them into excel. Plus the contract and job information sheet. All those steps are gone! Now, they go home, and they actually get to have dinner with their family!”

- Kayla Rodriguez, General Manager


Ram Jack was using a global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool throughout the majority of its network. It became clear the franchisees were not utilizing the system's intricacies as intended, and there were many other CRM options on the market that simplified the tools needed for general customer management. The corporate team rolled out a transition plan and provided details and recommendations on different options to accommodate the network's various needs. With significant growth plans ahead, the corporate-owned Texas location quickly began searching for a streamlined system that provided scheduling and a CRM with project tracking and data for financial projections, all while still being easy to learn for even the most technophobic or change-resistant team members.


With Contractor Accelerator, the team got the scheduling and CRM requirements at a more affordable price and gained the ability to create digital estimates and contracts quickly. The team started scheduling appointments and presenting professional bids that included detailed descriptions, photos, and drawings during the first customer appointment.


Leadership can see their teams' daily activity, have access to bid details, project statuses, and track the entire sales funnel in real-time, allowing them to make more accurate projections and more informed decisions. The more automated process saved the sales team significant time creating estimates as well as travel time back to the customer to exchange physical paperwork. The company experienced 24% growth, and the sales team was able to keep up without having to work after hours. Bobby Torres, a Senior Project Manager and Sales Trainer at Ram Jack Texas, said, "The program is awesome! I see the increased sales across the board, and Accelerator is a contributor for sure".