Automated Text Message Appointment Reminders

Posted Sep 28, 2021
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Reminding customers to show up for an appointment with salespeople and installers can be time-consuming and chasing them down to reschedule after they missed a meeting is a hassle. As part of the automation in Contractor Accelerator, emails are sent to the customer for appointment confirmation and a reminder 24 hours before the scheduled time. Did you know that Contractor Accelerator also offers automated text message appointment confirmations and reminders?

How would using this feature benefit the company?

  • Outside of emailing the customer, this is another way to notify them without having to take the time to call. This should decrease the chances of the salespeople getting stood up.

  • Emailing doesn’t always get to the customer. If they don’t look at their email often, they may not see the notification. Additionally, not everyone has a personal email address.

  • Automations keep the customer informed for you. There’s no need to enter specific customer information each time to send a text. Let the system fill in that information based on the project. The system will even know when to send out the messages at the appropriate time depending on when the appointment is scheduled.

What if a customer doesn’t want to receive messages?

  • It may not be free for the customer to receive your text message notifications, so be sure to ask! As part of the customer intake workflow, the system allows you to mark a cell phone number as “Text Opt-in” or “Text Opt-out”. You can ask the customer if they would like to participate in these text message reminders and mark the option accordingly.

  • If the customer changes their mind, you can change their participation status at any time within the customer page.

What do the messages say?

  • Appointment text message template: Your (company name) (sales or installation) appointment is scheduled for (time) with (salesperson/installer first name) (salesperson/installer last name). Contact (company phone number) with questions.

  • Reminder text message template: REMINDER: Your (company name) (sales or installation) appointment is scheduled for (time) with (salesperson/installer first name) (salesperson/installer last name). Contact (company phone number) with questions.

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