Editing Payment Details

Posted Jul 16, 2021
Screen Shot 2021 06 21 at 4 27 00 PM

If you have been using the system, you’ve probably already set up your default payment terms. It might look something like the example installments in the screenshot. Did you know you can change the payment terms within a particular bid when needed?

Name of the Installment

  • You can choose to name your installments anything you want such as "Deposit" or "Final Payment". Whatever name you decide will appear as the individual payment title on the costing page within the customer bid. This will also show up as the name and description on the invoice.

When the Installment Is Due

  • You have multiple dropdown options to choose from that will describe at what point during the project the payment is needed.

Type and Amount of the Installment (Dollars & Percentages)

  • To use all percentages: Simply set the number of installments you need and break down the percentages so the total equals 100%.
  • To use dollars and percentages: Just set the number of installments needed; then, enter the dollar amounts in first and add the percentages last. The percentage type installments must total 100%.
  • To use dollar amounts set the number of installments needed with the dollar amounts for all installments except the last one. The final installment must be 100%, as it refers to the amount of the bid that is left after the dollar amounts are subtracted.