Quickly Access Bid Information

Posted Aug 16, 2022
Bid Image

Need to get job information quickly? There are several tools within the bid tab that can help you easily access line items, scope of work, images, drawings, financials, and more without having to download the bid document.

View Details

Select the View Details button to view a concise snapshot of key information such as:

  • Review line items

  • See price edits

  • Access bid images

  • Find reference number

  • Check bid status

  • Review total dollar amount

  • View history

  • View custom drawings

  • Print job details

Scope of Work Document

Select the Scope of Work Document to see an outline of the bid information, excluding pricing in a PDF. Installation users have specific permissions within the system that allow access to all the information they need and nothing they don’t. The Scope of Work document shows basic customer information, a materials list, specific bid information, notes, photos, and drawings. There is no need to worry about installers seeing prices; the permission level allows visibility to only the information required to get the job done.

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