The Top Questions About Global Search

Posted Sep 10, 2022
Global Searchfinal

Since the update of our global search feature a few months ago, we’ve received questions about how it functions and how to utilize the tool to its greatest potential.

1. What are some best practices?

  • You’ll need to type at least two characters for the search to start bringing up results.
  • Typing in fewer characters can produce more results. This can be especially useful if you’re not sure how to spell a name.
  • The ‘view more’ button allows you to quickly view a few more results within the search page, while the ‘view all’ sends you to the table view with all results.
  • If you click on a result and find that it wasn’t what you’re looking for, you can use the back button on your browser. When you return to the page, you will see the results from your previous search have been retained.

2. What criteria can I search for?

  • Customers: Customer Name / Address / Email
  • Properties: Property Address
  • Projects: Project Name / Project Number
  • Project Contacts: Contact Name / Phone Number / Email
  • Appointments: Appointment Note / Appointment Date and Time
  • Invoices: Invoice Number
  • Bids: Bid Number

3. What do the icons mean?



Project Contacts

Reference Number





Phone Number

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