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Top 5 Reasons Customer Reviews are Important

Customer reviews can give contractors like you a sales lift of 18%! You have probably hired Contractors for major projects for your own house. You are likely part of the 89% who read online reviews before making a purchase. As a business owner, did you know that 16% of your ranking factor in the Local SEO map section of a search relates to your customer reviews? Learn how customer reviews can turn into free high-quality leads in this guest blog post from our expert marketing friends at Rainmaker for Contractors.

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How Small Businesses Can Calculate Marketing Return on Investment

In a recent poll, 75% of surveyed marketers say they struggle with figuring the revenue returns on their marketing investments (ROI or ROMI). It can be difficult to determine how to track and calculate the data or even what data is important to know.

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The Biggest Challenges Facing Residential Contractors in a Post Pandemic Economy

Over a year into the COVID pandemic, masks are starting to come off, hand sanitizer and toilet paper are no longer in short supply and businesses are ready to go back to full operation. Most of the residential repair industry maintained growth last year while some other industries struggled. So what are the biggest challenges facing our industry as the rest of the world gets back to work?

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Ram Jack Texas Saw 24% Growth Without Sacrificing Time or Hiring Staff

Ram Jack, a leader in the foundation repair industry since 1968, was using a global CRM for the majority of its network. The CRM had multiple complex functions that were not being utilized. Due to the complexity, it became apparent a transition phase was imminent. When the announcement was made, the corporate location and the countless franchisees across the country needed an affordable CRM that could be implemented quickly. With Contractor Accelerator, the team got a more streamlined CRM at a more affordable price tag with the added features to make their current process more efficient.


  • Sales team no longer works at night finishing bids
  • Automated manual processes
  • Instant visibility for projections
  • Grew 24% without increased hours or staff

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Automated Text Message Appointment Reminders

You already know how to confirm customer appointments with automated emails, but did you know you can do the same with text messaging? Check out how this free feature can help you communicate with your customer!

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